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Sapeyi of Garki, Abuja, LAWMA Chief Executive express delight over Akingbade’s UN Climate Change Medal

May 16, 2013

Sapeyi of Garki, Abuja, LAWMA Chief Executive express delight over Akingbade’s UN Climate Change Medal

May 16, 2013

Sapeyi of Garki, Abuja, LAWMA Chief Executive express delight over Akingbade’s UN Climate Change Medal 


His Royal Highness, Alhaji(Dr) Usman Nga Kupi, the Sapeyi of Garki, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory and Mr. Ola Oresanya, the Managing Director of Lagos State Waste Management Authority have expressed delight over the United Nations/ Prince Albert II of Monaco Prize Medal won by The Guardian’s Tunde Akingbade’.

Alhaji Usman Nga Kupi, the King of Garki, Abuja and Mr. Oresanya expressed happiness over the award in Abuja and Lagos respectively noting that its a good sign that climate change coverage in Nigeria has been appreciated by the international body. Image

 Akingbade, His Royal Highness (Dr) Alhaji Usman Nga Kupi and Nollywood actor, Emmanuel France in his palace in Garki, Abuja

Alhaji Kupi said in his palace in Abuja that there is need for all sectors in the Nigerian economy to join hands in the raising awareness to tackle the problem of climate change as well as environmental protection.

The Sapeyi of Garki called on the government to involve traditional institutions who are close to the people in the protection of the environment.

Speaking in the same vein in his office in Lagos, Mr. Oresanya said the award is a recognition of the reporter’s consistency and doggedness over the years in reporting the environment.

One of the stories which earned the reporter the award was done on Electronic Waste shipped to West Africa and the relationship to global warming.


 Mr. Oresanya, MD, LAWMA,Akingbade and Mr. Wale Liadi, MD of Raask International Ltd

Akingbade with other journalists around the world won various prizes in different categories which included; climate change coverage, written media and broadcast journalism.

Akingbade received the Prince Albert II of Monaco award for his investigative stories on electronic waste and climate change with the role of the UN to curb the emissions of Carbon dioxide implicated in global warming as well as his investigations on Eko Atlantic City project in Lagos and the flooding of Okun Alfa in Lekki. The stories were published in The Guardian on Sunday between 2011 and 2012.


At the 2012 award ceremony, Mr. Ban Ki moon, Secretary General of the UN applauded the role of the media in uncovering truths, unmasking hypocrisy and unleashing change.


“Your stories have rightly sparked outrage and prompted action that has a meaningful impact on our world”, said Mr. Ki – moon.

He added that the fundamental right to freedom of the press is hard-won and constantly imperiled noting that all too often; entrenched interests have resorted to censorship, attacks and even murder to silence those who shine a light on the facts.


The Secretary – General said that the United Nations stands shoulder – to – shoulder with all journalists who are threatened for the so-called “crime” of exercising their human rights adding that “we are committed to defending freedom of the press and freedom of expression wherever these rights are in infringed.”

He told the media that “we will continue to do our best to help you tell the story of our work across the world.”


The United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) which was the brain behind the global awards and organizers of the prestigious ceremony was founded in 1948 at Lake Success on Long Island where the UN was located pending completion of its East River Headquarters in Manhattan. In a statement made by UNCA, it noted that no one has yet been able to explain why UNCA archives have membership records dating 1942 before the UN was founded.


It was in 1992 that the executives of UNCA established the global media award for the best UN coverage, to help raise the prestige of the UN.

However first award was given to Mr. Ted Turner, the founder of CNN.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger received the UNCA Global Advocate of the Year Award for his leadership in protecting the comment and promoting clean energy while was energy, continued save to the environment as a private citizen.

Forest Whitaker, a distinguished humanist, artist and Visiting Professor at Ringling College of Art and Design also received UNCA Global Advocate of the Year Award. 

Mr. Giampaolo Pioli, UNCA President and J. Tuyet Nguyen, Awards Event Chairman said that the annual UNCA awards was to honour journalists who have excelled in their coverage of UN activities, and outstanding personalities who have contributed to humanitarian work around the world.

It was gathered that the first offer was one prize of 1,000 and by 2007 the prizes are almost $40,000.

In an acceptance statement to the UN, Akingbade said that he imbibed the spirit of development from his father, Adefemi Akingbade who worked for the UNICEF many years ago.

According to Akingbade, the former Editor of The Guardian on Sunday,. Jahman Anikulapo, Managing Director, The Guardian, Mr. Emeka Izeze, Editors of The Guardian and the production team gave him the platform to excel.

He thanked Prince Albert II of Monaco and UNCA for instituting a prize for Climate Change Coverage.

Other recipients of the various UN award are; Pamela Falk, CBS News TV & Radio, Raul Penaranda, Pagina Siete, Bolivia, Flavia Krause-Jackson, Bloomberg News, Mwaura Samora, Daily Nation, Kenya, Talal Al-Haj, Al Arabia News Channel, Mark Doyle and Piers Scholfield of BBC News and Natalia Montagna, Channel 10 Linea De Tiempo, Argentina. Others are; IPS, Collection of work (Thalif Deen, on behalf of IPS, Ameto Akpe, Business Day, Nigeria, Claudia Mayer and Kim Rigauer, ProSiebenSat.1, Hamburg, Zilluh Rahman, ATN Bangla Ltd, Bangladesh and Kristen Salloney, Al Jazeera English.        

                                       Names behind the UN Awards


Prince Albert of Monaco II


Prince Albert of Monaco and this foundation promotes sustainable and equitable management of natural sustainable and equitable management of natural resources and places the individual at the centre of projects. According to UNCA bulletin for the awards, the foundation “encourages the implementation of innovative and ethical solutions in three man areas, climate change biodiversity and water”.

Prince Albert II is the Head of State of Monaco. He schooled at Monaco’s Lycee Albert I, and Amherst College in Massachusetts, USA, where he studied political science, economics, psychology, philosophy and English literature.
An accomplished athlete who also took part in Olympics, the Prince has carried out humanitarian job all over the world.


Elizabeth Neuffer Award


The United Elizabeth Neuffer Nations awards included the Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial prize for written media. This award was sponsored by the Alexander Bodini Foundation who was Elizabeth Neuffer?

Neuffer was the Boston Globe Bureau Chief at the United Nations who died while on assignment in Baghdad in 2003. The UN describes her as “a model journalist who proved throughout her career that objectivity does not have to mean neutrality”.


“She was passionate, courageous and compassionate, drawing attention to the forgotten places over looked victims of war. She explored the forces that can ignite fratricidal and her work helped inspired the movement that led to the creation of the international criminal court.


Ricardo Ortega Award


UNCA describes Ortega as “one of the leading Spanish journalists of his generation”.


“His determination to bear witness first hand to what was happening around the world took him to dozens of countries. His war reporting from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Yugoslavia and Georgia was especially notable and he had a reputation for honesty, independence determination and courage shown, for example by his skeptical coverage of the evidence for Iragi WMD’s presented to UN”, says UNCA. Sadly, Ortega was killed in March, 2004 by gunfire while covering Haiti.


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