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When Nigeria Slept was read today

October 20, 2012
When Nigeria Slept was read today to a gathering of authors, journalists, lovers of the Arts at “Author’s Talk” by the author who was Special Guest. The event which took place at Glendora/Jazz Hole, Ikoyi, Lagos featured Adebayo Rayo, Segun Adefila, Jumoke Verissimo and Yomi Habib. Toni Kan was the moderator while Aderinsola Ajao was co-organizer. Goethe Institute (German Cultural Centre) sponsored the event.

Excerpts from the book read today

……..When the bearded Dr. Osoba took the floor, he pulled his beard as he held the microphone. Then he reeled out questions for M.K.O to answer. He demanded among other things M.K.O’s involvement and role in telecommunication contracts awarded by the military to ITT, America’ International Telephone and Telegraph company. The audience was stunned…………………….

………………There was chaos outside Oduduwa Hall. In the riotous atmosphere Chief S.M. Afolabi was spirited into his official car.
Somehow, someone managed to remove his cap……………..

……………..Pastor Sebiotimo displayed all the necessary characteristics of those in the spirit. He shook himself energetically and muttered some words. Then he began his wild prayers. Remember Wole Soyinka glowingly referred to his mother as “Wild Christian.” The “wildness” in today’s Christians in the country has become something else, highly unpredictable.
“Anytime you women go on any unwarranted and sinful trip without the knowledge of your husbands, may you be exposed, say Amen!’ The Pastor uttered. He went on louder: “Anytime you are locked up in a room with another man, may your dresses be carried away by people to expose you. I want you to say Amen!”
The women could not utter a word. “What kind of Pastor is this?” they asked in hushed tones adding, “Did we ask him to come
and pray and preach about our movements when our husbands have gone to work?”



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