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Four Plays on Ancient Yoruba Kings by Tunde Akingbade

May 15, 2012

<h1>Four Plays on Ancient Yoruba Kings by Tunde Akingbade</h1>
<p>;page_category_id=116&amp;page_section_id=4#start_content<br /> <strong>The Book:</strong></p>
<p>The Yoruba people occupy the South West of Nigeria but are widely dispersed across West Africa, Egypt, the Caribbean, Brazil and the Western Hemisphere. The Yoruba people have been in existence since about the 9000 BC.  Highly politically aware, the Yorubas have been practising federalism system of democracy from their inception. These “Four Plays” focuses on their  rich cultural and intellectual heritage.<a href=”;amountIn=gbp&amp;shipTo=gb&amp;searchIn=uk&amp;zip=”>Compare Prices. Buy Now..</a></p>
<p> <strong>The Author:</strong></p>
<p>Tunde Akingbade, a distinguished Nigerian environment journalist and playwright was given the “2008 Distinguished Environment Person Award.” Author of many books, Akingbade won many international awards including Vermont Studio Centre, USA Artists Angel Award in 2001 for non fiction writing. He is also the Nigerian Media Merit Award Winner of Segun Osoba Prize for Journalist of the Year 1992. He won the United States Young African Leaders Award/IVLP in 1993 and many other international awards.<a href=”;amountIn=gbp&amp;shipTo=gb&amp;searchIn=uk&amp;zip=”>Compare Prices. Buy Now..</a></p>
<p> </p>
<p><a href=”;amountIn=gbp&amp;shipTo=gb&amp;searchIn=uk&amp;zip=”&gt; Front Cover.   Back Cover.</a></p>


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